One of my best buds just came home...

Man, he is awesome.
This, this is Miles "Danger" Manwaring.

He just got back from serving a two year mission in Brazil. How cool is that?

This is a picture of me playing a show while wearing Miles on my shirt.
In the ensuing weeks of him being home, a couple of events/facts will follow:

  • Many of the ladies of the greater St.George area will once again get their hearts broken. Miles is a heart breaker and a dream maker!
  • Southern Utah will become cool again.
  • I will be playing more video games. 
  • Dance offs EVERYWHERE!!! Burn it up!!

But the most important of them all...

The three amigos will once again eat some burritos!
The Alkaline Trio will be touring again!
The three stooges will once again be doing there slap stick comedy act!
The Triforce is back in Zelda!
The triad can now be formed to make some sweet, sweet music.

What my point is, Miles, Colt and I are reunited to chill agaaaaaiiiin!

This is how cool its going to be!

Yuck! That's my chair he's sittin' on!!




Don't act like your not impressed.

This video sums up my feelings for the whole situation. 

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